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The Historical Society of South Australia Inc

President Geoffrey Bishop
Terry Saunderson

HSSA Grants Scheme

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Historical Society of South Australia Grants Scheme

Information and application form for 2013 awards

The Historical Society of South Australia Inc (the Society) will distribute annual grants to:

  • historians researching, publishing or promoting South Australian history;

  • tertiary and post-graduate students for research in libraries and/or archives and travelling expenses for research purposes;

  • local history museums, societies and libraries for the purchase, preservation and restoration of artefacts and books; for mounting displays; for hosting regional conferences and the like; and

  • school teachers for innovative teaching of history - not necessarily restricted to South Australian history - at primary, middle and senior school levels.

The Society wishes to encourage as wide a range of relevant activities as possible. Therefore, applicants, in addition to the above suggestions, will be considered for printing of programmes and brochures,
and information sheets for conferences and history related events: promoting events; publication of documents and research: and inaugural expenses for history societies. The Society will have a flexible approach to the nature of the grants.

Individual grants will range in value up to $1000.

What will not be funded?

  • Projects which do not meet the purposes of the scheme

  • Projects which duplicate existing projects or services

  • Purchase of equipment (IT equipment, PA systems, digital cameras) or capital works

  • Research that is largely genealogical in nature, including family reunions

  • Projects which are not based in or relate to South Australia

  • Annual events which are ongoing will receive ‘seed funding’ for one year only

  • Catering and social events

  • Awards in the form of cash prizes

  • Projects from individuals or organisations with outstanding acquittals from previous grants.


Assessing applications

The Society will keep formal paper-work to a minimum, though some recipients, to encourage others, will be asked to report in writing on the outcomes of their projects.
Generally, grant monies will be paid when the application is approved but it is a requirement that on completion of the project a completed acquittal form accompanied by invoices and/or receipts must be forwarded to the Convenor.

If appropriate, grant recipients will be asked to make a presentation of their findings at a lecture meeting of the Society.

Recipients may be invited to receive their grants at a lecture meeting of the Society, and their names and projects will be listed in the Society’s newsletter and Journal.

The recipients will be chosen by a panel of three HSSA Council members, comprising the President or Vice-President of the Society (as Convenor), and two other members of the Society’s Council.
Three members shall constitute a quorum. The panel’s decision shall be final.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Convenor
HSSA Annual Grants Scheme
P.O. Box 519
Kent Town SA 5071

The closing date for applications is Friday 1st November 2013. Late applications will not be considered. Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 6th December 2013.

Applicants must complete the application form. Application forms are available Here.

For further information please contact the Grants’ Convenor by email: secretary@hssa.org.au

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