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This guidesheet provides a basic listing of books about South Australia's distant and more recent past. South Australia's history is fascinating and our Society hopes that any selection from these titles will whet your appetite for more. The list is confined to works which cover broad aspects of the State's history. ( A companion guidesheet will cover more specialized topics such as industry,religion and transport.) With a few exceptions the list is further restricted to books published or reprinted in the last twenty years. Most are easily obtainable through the public library system.

I. Auhl & D. Marfleet Australia's Earliest Mining Era South Australia 1841-1851 (Adelaide 1975)
Australian Bureau of Statistics South Australian Year Book 1966
N. Benko Art and Artists of South Australia (Adelaide 1969)
G. Blainey The Rush that Never Ended (3rd edition, Melbourne 1978)
K.R. Bowes Land Settlement in South Australia 1857-1890 (Adelaide 1968)
K.R. Broomhill Unemployed Workers. A Social History of the Great Depression in Adelaide (Brisbane 1978)
J. Brown &B. Mullins Country Life in Pioneer South Australia (Adelaide 1977)
M. Brunato (ed) South Australian Scrapbook (Adelaide 1979)
M. Burden Lost Adelaide (Melbourne 1983)
H.T. Burgess (ed) The Cyclopedia of South Australia (2 volumes, Adelaide 1907 and 1909, facsimile 1978)
R. Cockburn Pastoral Pioneers of South Australia (2 volumes, Adelaide 1925 and 1927, facsimile 197?)

What's in a Name. Nomenclature of South Australia (Adelaide 1984)

W. Crocker Sir Thomas Playford (Melbourne 1983)
D. Cumming & G.C. Moxham They Built South Australia (Adelaide 1986)
J.A. Daly Elysian Fields Sport, Class and Community in Colonial South Australia (Adelaide 1982
P. Depasquale Critical History of South Australian Literature 1836 - 1930 (Warradale 1978)
B. Dickey Rations, Residences, Resources A History of Social Welfare in South Australia since 1836 (Netley 1986)
P. Donovan An Industrial History of South Australia (Adelaide 1979, reprinted with photographs 1984)
D. Dunstan Felicia (Melbourne 1981)
G. Dutton Founder of a City (Melbourne 1960, Adelaide 1984)

A Taste of History Geoffrey Dutton's South Australia (Adelaide 1978)

D. Elder (ed) William Light's Brief Journal and Australian Diaries (Netley 1984)
C. Fenner South Australia: A Geographical Study (Melbourne 1931)
R.M. Gibbs A History of South Australia (Enlarged edition, Adelaide 1984)
T. Griffin & M. McCaskill (eds) Atlas of South Australia (Netley 1986)
J.B. Hirst Adelaide and the Country 1870 - 1914 Their Social and Political Relationship (Melbourne 1973)
D. Jaensch (ed) The Flinders History of South Australia. Political History (Netley 1986
R.I. Jennings W.A. Webb South Australian Railways Commissioner 1922-30 (North Plympton 1973)
H. Jones In Her Own Name Women in South Australian history (Netley 1986)
W.S. Kelly Rural Development in South Australia (Adelaide 1962)
C. Kerr A Exelent Coliney The practical idealists of 1836-1846. (Adelaide 1978)
  Archie The biography of Sir Archibald Grenfell Price (South Melbourne 1983)
E. Kwan Living in South Australia:A Social History (2 volumes, Netley 1987)
G.J.R. Linge Industrial Awakening A Geography of Australian Manufacturing 1788 to 1890 (Canberra 1979)
G.E. Loyau Notable South Australians (Adelaide 1885, facsimile 1978)
  The Representative Men of South Australia (Adelaide 1883, facsimile 1978)
G.H. Manning The Romance of Place Names of South Australia (Adelaide 1986)
S. Marsden Business, Charity and Sentiment The South Australian Housing Trust 1936-1986 (Netley 1986)
D.W. Meinig On The Margins of the Good Earth The South Australian Wheat Frontier 1869-1884. (Chicago 1962, Adelaide 1970)
J. Moss Sound of Trumpets History of the Labour Movement in South Australia (Netley 1985)
A. Parkin & A. Patience (eds) The Dunstan Decade (Melbourne 1981)
R. Parsons Southern Passages A Maritime History of South Australia (Netley 1986)
J.J. Pascoe (ed) History of Adelaide and Vicinity (Adelaide 1901, facsimile 1972)
P. Payton The Cornish Miner in Australia (Redruth, Cornwall 1984)
D. Pike Paradise of Dissent South Australia 1829-1857 (1957, 2nd edition Melbourne 1967)
"South Australia: A Historical Sketch" in R.J. Best (ed) Introducing South Australia (Melbourne 1958)
S. Pikusa The Adelaide House 1836 to 1901 The Evolution of Principal Dwelling Types (Netley 1986)
W.B. Pitcher Victorian and Edwardian Adelaide from old photographs (Sydney 1977)
A.G. Price The Foundation and Settlement of South Australia 1829-1845 (Adelaide 1924, facsimile 1973)
Founders and Pioneers of South Australia (Adelaide 1929, reprinted 1978)
E. Richards (ed) The Flinders History of South Australia. Social History (Netley 1986)
K.W. Robinson A Regional Geography of Southeast Australia (Melbourne 1972)
Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, SA Branch The Centenary History of South Australia (Adelaide 1936)
L. Sandercock Cities for Sale (Melbourne 1975)
A. Sierp Colonial Life in South Australia Fifty years of Photography 1855-1905 (Adelaide 1969)
South Australia Town Planning Committee. Report on the Metropolitan Area of Adelaide (Adelaide 1962)
H. Stretton Ideas for Australian Cities (Adelaide 1970; 2nd edition, Melbourne 1975)
C.R. Twidale et al Ideas and Endeavours - The Natural Sciences in South Australia (Adelaide 1986)
W. Vamplew et al South Australian Historical Statistics (Kensington, New South Wales 1984)
Various Australian Dictionary of Biography (Melbourne 1966 - Ten volumes so far)
H.G. Viney A Century of Commerce in South Australia 1836-1936 (Adelaide 1936)
J. Walker (ed) South Australia's Heritage (Netley 1986)
D. Whitelock Adelaide From Colony to Jubilee:A Sense of Difference (Adelaide 1985)
Conquest to Conservation History of Human Impact on the South Australian Environment (Netley 1985)
M. Williams The Changing Rural Landscape of South Australia (Melbourne 1977)
------------ The Making of the South Australian Landscape (London and New York 1974)
------------ (ed) South Australia from the Air (Melbourne 1969)
P. Woodruff Two Million South Australians (Adelaide 1984)
E.M. Yelland (ed) Colonists, Copper and Corn in the Colony of South Australia 1850-51 (Revised edition, Adelaide 1983)


Finally, readers are referred to the following journals:

Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia 1975 -

Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia

S.A. Branch 1885 -

South Australiana 1962-1985


In a field as broad as South Australian history any selection of books for a list like this must reflect personal taste, and there are bound to be books omitted which others would include. For a taste of the huge range of books and unpublished research on various aspects of our past readers should consult F.K. Crowley's bibliography South Australian History (Libraries Board of S.A. 1966). For local studies more recent bibliographies are South Australian Regional History and Geography (1975) and its supplement (1976), both available gratis at the State Library, and J. Warcup and M. Cottington Local Histories of South Australia: A Regional Bibliography (2nd edition, Department of Environment and Planning 1984). The most up to date general bibliography of works on our State's history is Brian Condon's S.A.S.S. (South Australian materials for Social Science) It is on microfiche but will also be available as several printed specialist bibliographies in 1988. The books by Bowes, Depasquale, Hirst and Williams ('Making') cited above also contain useful bibliographies. Finally, there is S. Marsden's very useful overview, source guide and chronology Historical Guidelines (S.A. Department for the Environment 1980) produced for the S.A. State Preservation Plan.

Historical Society of South Australia. Guidesheet No.2. Revised edition December 1987. Copyright. Compiled for the Society by B.J.Samuels and published with financial assistance from the State Heritage Fund. Our thanks to Mr Stephen Stanley for permission to reproduce his Lafferty cartoon. Supplement to the Historical Society of South Australia Inc Newsletter No. 74 January 1988.

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