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The Historical Society of South Australia Inc

President Geoffrey Bishop
Terry Saunderson

The Society aims to
dot.gif (57 bytes) Promote the collection, preservation and classification of source material of all kinds relating to South Australia.
dot.gif (57 bytes) Publish historical records and articles.
dot.gif (57 bytes) Promote the interchange of information among members of the Society by lectures, readings, discussions, field trips and exhibitions.
dot.gif (57 bytes) Arouse interest in and promote the study of history, especially that of South Australia and Australia.
dot.gif (57 bytes) Co-operate with similar societies throughout Australia

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List of background material relating to the history of South Australia.
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The following is a complete list of all lectures, field trips, seminars, film and music evenings, dinners, conferences and other functions of the Historical Society of South Australia from 1974 to 1999.

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Each month the Society meets to hear intriguing stories and colourful accounts of our state’s lively past. New discoveries about South Australian history are often first revealed at these meetings. The speakers can be professional historians or dedicated amateurs but they are always experts in their subjects. Question time afterwards and discussions during supper add further interest to the evenings. Admission is free and visitors are always made welcome.

The past is also brought to life on our field trips when members can retrace the footsteps of the pioneers in city streets, suburban parks and country towns. In recent years we have visited churches, mines, pubs, historic homes, public buildings, cemeteries and even a former sewage farm.

Members receive a copy of the Society’s annual Journal which features substantial, well-researched articles and book reviews and has the reputation of being one of the finest publications of its kind. The bi-monthly Newsletter, History SA, keeps members up to date with Society news, containing information about forth-coming lectures and field trips, a diary of events and exhibitions in and around Adelaide and illustrated articles exploring little-known aspects of South Australian history.

HSSA publications, such as S.A.'s Greats: the men and women of the North Terrace plaques and Insights into South Australian History, Volumes I and II, are available at our meetings, as are other books and pamphlets to interest members.

If you have any queries or would like more information about the Historical Society of South Australia, please phone the Secretary, Mr Terry Saunderson, on (08) 8354 2736 during business hours.



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